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Introduce Music Making and Faith with Montessori-Inspired Instruments.

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Fostering Beauty, Curiosity and Joy

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How our children inspired the creation of our Playful Pitch Bars




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At Playful Pitch, every child is a natural musician.

Hi, I’m Kelly

A wife, a mom, and a music teacher

Teaching for 12+ years in private schools, public schools, and even international schools! Through my Master’s Degree and researching child-led music learning, I dove into Montessori philosophies and applied them to music making.

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Inspired by

My students and my own children inspire my work and research everyday. Developing an instrument that can be simplified for child-led hands on play is the core approach for our product development.

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Our Mission

We want every child to experience accomplishment, joy and pride in music making. Given the right environment and tools, they can unlock the gift of musicianship through their own curiosity and love of music.

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Make your family prayer time musical and interactive for the youngest Catholics in your homes! Our downloadable resources include our musical cards, Rosary guide, children's Way of the Cross, and more prayers and songs! Get immediate access above or...

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